If you don’t know who Milo Yiannopoulos is by now, you need to emerge from the bunker and find some Wi-Fi. In short, he’s a right-wing provocateur who happens to be Gay, and from Jewish heritage. Let that roll around in your head for a second…

Now that you’ve come to terms with what Milo is, here is what Milo is accused of being: racist, bigot, white supremacist, alt-right figure head, chauvinistic, and anti-Muslim. I have it on good authority he may also suffer from white privilege and advocate man-spreading. You would wonder how a person could possibly be considered any lower of a human being by the left-wing of America…until you find out he is also a fascist.

Being a fascist in America, actually just being accused of being a fascist in America, is a crime from which their is no rehabilitation. While the left wing of American politics practices some measure of forgiveness for this great sin, the rising battalion of anti-fascists (AKA #antifa) do not. Enter social media…

If I were to use the phrase, “weaponized meme” you may think I’ve lost my mind, or perhaps you envision a picture of a toothless yokel shouldering a scary machine gun, whilst sporting a new #MAGA hat, and balancing a cigarette between his missing teeth. Alas, weaponized memes are one of new tools used by political and ideological adherents to push a message, or undermine a competing message. They, like weaponized tweets, do not need to contain truth, however the best and most effective ones usually contain a sliver of truth. Weaponized social media electrifies the targeted base, and if done correctly, moves them to action (see #Occupy, Ferguson, and #notmypresident rallies). You see now how a tweet can burn a city.

The new antifa don’t use memes. Instead they harvest the anger created by the thousands of tweets and images, and focus it on street level warfare. The antifa movement has spread  from the quiet corners of Ivy League colleges to the front lines of the Black Lives Matter movement, no DAPL, and now the anti-Trump movement all because of social media. While they openly distance themselves from it, they benefit directly from the troves of misinformation available in news feeds. With this power, antifa will do whatever, wherever, and whenever to stop a person they consider to be fascist. Hence, the Berkeley riots, and their hatred of Milo.

Interestingly enough, the antifa movement does not see their “shut it down” philosophy as being inherently fascist. They, like the less militant left, see conservative pundits as peddlers of hate speech, which, in this new social justice world, is a serious crime. Just what constitutes hate speech in social media is as vague as “fake news.” Beyond the obvious swastika and defaced cross, my guess is, you will know you’ve tread too far when the Internet turns on you, and the antifa come-a-smashing.